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Do you like April Fool's Day?
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    Do you know tomorrow is April Fool's Day?Do you like it?Today I wanna tell you something about it.
    April 1st of each year, is the Western Traditional Folk Festival - Day (April Fool's), also known as the fool's day.It originated from the mid-16th century,on this day people in a variety of ways to deceive each other and play tricks, often expose the object to tease the fool at the end of the joke.Whether it is celebrity or ordinary people may have a little joke on this day.
    With the popularity of the network, April Fool's Day is not just a single reality joke tricky, and it has already extended to the network. The annual April Fool's day will have a wide variety of April Fool's Day pages spread widely on the network.As a staff of mold parts manufacturer-YIZE,I also like it,so,are you ready to be tricked?



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