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The latest analysis of EDM
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EDM is a method of using electric and thermal energy to process,today the editor of YIZE MOULD would offer you the latest analysis of EDM.



In early twentieth Century, the electrical erosion phenomenon in EDM has been found, and China began the study of EDM equipment at the beginning of 1950s, and in early 60s developed the first by imitating the type of WEDM, then developed with the characteristics of China's high speed wire cutting machine.


The conditions of electrical discharge machining for dimension processing:
a.Maintain a proper distance between the tool and the workpiece
b.Transient discharge of electric discharge
c.Processing must be carried out in the medium



The latest analysis of EDM, as shown above.YIZE MOULD is good at EDM technology for many years. To know more about the latest information about EDM, please follow us.

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