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Comparison of mold non-standard core pins and sleeves
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Many people don't understand why non-standard core pins and sleeves customization of round molds are needed. When they hear that non-standard customization is related to the high price, what are the advantages of non-standard customization and standard customization of round molds?

What are the advantages of mold standard parts?
1. Save man-hours and raw materials, shorten the production cycle, shorten the processing time, and purchase raw materials in batches can better save shipping and material costs, reduce research and development time, and allow customers to receive products faster
2. The mass-produced standard parts manufacturers have long-term production experience and can better understand the mold performance and quality
3. Standard parts have more price advantages than non-standard parts

Non-standard non-standard core pins and sleeves customization is non-standard. Compared with standardized products, the products developed and manufactured according to the different needs of customers are only products that are used by customers.

What are the advantages of round mold non-standard core pins and sleeves customization?
1. Non-standard customized customers can understand the entire production process of the entire product, and the products that are created, developed, and manufactured are only products that are used by the customers;
2. According to the different needs of customers, it is reflected in the product, and the production situation of the product can be controlled at any time to improve the quality of customized round parts
3. Customers can have a deeper understanding of the product during production, which helps to improve product efficiency

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