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Connector mold parts Supplier Case Study
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As a connector mold parts Supplier with which Hirose Electronics cooperates, it is important to maintain market sensitivity. For example, Hirose Electronics' newly designed FH75 series of innovative connectors suitable for automotive and industrial applications. Please note if this connector is made by us.

When a precision connector mold parts supplier comes into contact with a related case, it is necessary to evaluate the future usage requirements and application location of the product in order to understand the customer's needs.

Let's analyze some of the features of this series. First, the FH75 series features 40 contact positions and a buckle design for added stability. The material used is a unique resistance solution that adapts to the 125 ° C environment and meets the requirements. Suitable for industrial ADAS cameras, navigation systems, heads-up displays, and robot camera systems.


connector mold parts Supplier

Given the above situation, precision connector mold parts suppliers need to consider the accuracy of the contacts, reserve the design position of the buckle, and use raw materials that are resistant to high temperatures, and adapt to the resistance inherent in manufacturing.

At Yize Mould, quality is an important part of our vision and mission. All members of our organization incorporate quality standards to ensure that the manufactured mold products can meet the needs of our customers' connector mold parts production requirements. We continue to improve the quality and performance of our products and maximize customer expectations.

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