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Detailed explanation of plastic mold parts surface grinder
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Today we are introducing the surface grinder for round parts commonly used in the processing process. The plastic mold parts surface grinder is one of the grinding machine processing techniques. Rotate to grind the workpiece, so that the workpiece can reach the flatness required for processing.

The so-called sharpening does not accidentally chop wood. Choosing a good processing method is very important for the processing of round parts.


plastic mold parts surface grinder


Comparison of CNC grinder and plastic mold parts surface grinder.Plastic mold parts surface grinder is mainly driven by hydraulic cylinders. The power comes from the equipped cylinders to control the grinding wheel holder and worktable. The operator controls the grinder according to the change of the scale. This requires the operator to have enough experience to judge the specific situation.

Compared with traditional CNC grinders and plastic mold parts surface grinder, CNC grinders are controlled by a computer numerical control system, and the programming system is used to achieve the purpose of grinding.

Both CNC grinders and surface grinders must be equipped with basic parts, the indispensable grinding wheel frame, head frame, tail frame, worktable, bed, and column.

Surface grinders for plastic mold parts are only a small part of the processing field of Yize Mould Company. As a plastic mold parts company equipped with advanced equipment, products can be customized according to customer needs. Welcome to inquire!

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