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Yize mould scope of business
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Yize--precision mold parts manufacturer
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The factory of Yize

About Yize

   Dongguan Yize Mould Co.,Ltd. is a professional mold parts manufacture.Yize was established by Sam Wang in 2006 and located in Dongguan,Guangdong,China.Serving many mould companies at home andabroad,knownforhighquaity,competitive  price,reliability and timely delivery.

    Mold parts is widely used in all kinds of plastic mold parts,punching mold parts,auto mold parts, aie-line etc.And do you want to know which is the best mold parts manufacture?
    Dongguan yize mould co.,ltd is specializing in making mold parts,mold components,connector mold parts,plastic mold parts,plastic mold components,with advanced technology and rich experience,professional engineer ,imported machnine equipment,so yize mould is one of the best mold parts manufacture.

Main Product:

--plastic mold parts​
--plastic mold components
--plastic mold spare parts
--plastic mold spare parts
--connector mold parts
--precision mold parts
--precision mold components
--mold parts
--mold components
--core pins and sleeves
--tungsten carbide mold parts


  imported material:SKD11,SKH9,SKH51,SKH55,high-speed    steel,special material can customize

Main customer and market:

  The products of yize mould is sold all over the world, mainly exported to Germany, United States, Japan, Italy, Israel, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia etc.We have a long term cooperation with Kyocera, TE,Yamaha,Nissan,Canon. We provide high-quality products and best service to them.And they are all full of praise.They want to have a respective cooperation with us.And we mold parts is the main products. If want to choose yize mould ,you can think that its high-quality mold parts.


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