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What Is Ejector Sleeve?
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Dongguan Yize Mould Co.,Ltd.is specializing in :ejector sleeves,ejector pins,core pins,core inserts or any other mold components.We can produce products according customers’drawings and reached to the international standard.

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What is ejector sleeve?An ejector sleeve is basically an ejector pin with a hole thru the center. The hole is used for a core pin to form a portion of the desired part.  The core pin touches the part, the other end of the core pin runs thru the ejector housing and terminate near the bottom of the moldbase.The actuation of an ejector sleeve is like an ejector Pin.

The following ejector sleeves drawing is from Yize.

Yize ejector sleeves are nitrided on the inner diameter and the outer diameter for smooth performance with standard ejector Pins or through hardened pins.
Material: H-13
Core Hardness: 40-45 Rc
Surface hardness: Nitrided ID/OD to 65-70 Rc
Concentric (ID to OD): 0.002" TIR
Surface finish: 4-10 RMS

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