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Main working process of CNC processing system
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As we all know, CNC processing technology has been widely used in the mould processing industry. Today we will discuss the main working process of CNC processing system.


Generally speaking, the main working processes of CNC processing system are as follows:
1.Preparations for normal work
After switching on the power supply, the CNC device will check and diagnose the working status of each component of the CNC system and the CNC machine tool, and set the initial state.


2. Input of part processing control information




3. Decoding and Preprocessing of NC Processing Program


4. Interpolation calculation
After processing control information of a program segment is preprocessed, interpolation is performed. Interpolation means densification of data points on a curve with known starting and ending points.


5. Position control
The interpolation results are taken as the command values of the position regulators of the coordinate axes in the servo systems of the coordinate axes, and the displacements measured by the position detection elements on the machine tools are taken as the actual position values.


As a manufacturer providing professional CNC processing service, YIZE MOULD has introduced the above main working process of the CNC processing system for you. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time!

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