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Three Factors That Influence LED Mould Components Processing
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Dongguan Yize Mould Co.,Ltd. is one of high quality LED mold components manufacturers in Donguan City,China.Yize focus on manufacturing LED mold components for over 10 years,our products have a goog market at home and abroad.Yize as a high quality LED mould component manufacturer,we always keeping rigorous attitude to serve our customers.Following,we will explain 3 factors that influence LED mold components processing.


1)The surface of LED mold components is more easy to process than the inner of LED mold components,simple surface is more easy to process than complicated surface and cavitys.
2)When the precision of LED mold components increasing,the difficulty of producing also increasing at the same time.
3)The roughness of LED mold components surface is an important factor for producing mold components and need a long working-hours.

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