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The Production Costs of Stamping Mold Components
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   The production costs of stamping mold components is including the sum of cost for production and sale of stamping mold components.Production cost including cost of material,cost of purchasing,and the cost of depreciation of equipment.There are some main factors will be influenced the production costs of stamping mould components directly.


  The precision of stamping mold components.The precision and hardness must be according to the requirements of stamping mold components.The higher precision be required of stamping mold components,the more higher production costs.


  In the production costs of stamping mould components,the cost of material is very important.The material will influence the using life of stamping mold components.The cost of material in the production costs is accounted for 25%~30%,so choose a right material is very important for producing stamping mold components.


  Stamping mold components processing equipments are trend to be more efficient,more precision and automatic,so the price of equipment is increasing.Therefore,the stamping mold components enterprises should give full play to these equipments’ efficiency.

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