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Specification for appearance inspection of non-standard round mold par...
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Are you looking for a suitable manufacturer of non-standard round mold parts? After reading this article, I believe you can find it immediately! Yize, a manufacturer of non-standard round mold parts in Dongguan, has formulated a series of rules and regulations in the processing of mold parts. Today, I'd like to share our appearance inspection rules with you. After all, the quality of a product is judged first from the appearance.



The following is the appearance inspection contents and requirements of Yize, a manufacturer of non-standard round mold parts

1. Sharp angle of workpiece head: focus on whether the sharp angle of workpiece head is missing
2. Edge bruise of workpiece: focus on whether the edge of workpiece is sharp and cannot collapse
3. Explosion of discharge edge: there shall be no explosion of discharge edge
4. Carbon or trachoma in discharge: there shall be no carbon or trachoma on the discharge surface
5.There must be no gap on the blade: there must be no gap on the blade surface



For the batch precision mold parts processing, we also have corresponding appearance inspection requirements

1. Parts shall not be scratched or damaged by sand
2. Fine holes and wire cutting shall be free of corrosion
3. The surface of parts shall be free of rust
4. The appearance inspection is not only based on the sharp angle of the head, but also on the glue position area of the back edge
5. Except that the shape must be deburred, no burr (including hanging table, avoiding position, chamfering, guiding, exhaust slot, etc.) is allowed in other parts, whether forming or other unimportant positions


The most important point in the detection of mold parts is that employees must report problems to the supervisor in time, and report to customers truthfully if there is any impact on the delivery date, rather than deal with it in private and delay the delivery date. Yize has always been adhering to the concept of integrity management, to provide customers with satisfactory precision mold parts.


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