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Dongguan Yize mould precision machinery parts processing
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With the continuous change of the times, people's requirements for quality are higher and higher. Now the workmanship of machinery is quite different from before, and more attention is paid to details. Dongguan Yize mould provides precision machinery parts processing, customized matching precision machinery parts for you.

Next, Yize mold will introduce the following materials for precision machinery spare parts:

1. Cast iron. Cast iron and steel are both FERROCARBON alloys. The main difference between them is the carbon content. Iron carbon alloy with carbon content less than 2% is called steel, and cast iron with carbon content more than 2%.

2. Steel. Compared with cast iron, steel has high strength, toughness and plasticity, and its mechanical and processing properties can be improved by heat treatment. The blank of steel parts can be obtained by forging, stamping, welding or casting, so it is widely used. According to application, steel can be divided into structural steel, tool steel and special steel.

3.Copper alloy. Copper alloy can be divided into bronze and brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and contains a small amount of manganese, aluminum, nickel, etc. it has good plasticity and fluidity, so it can be rolled and cast.


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In addition to the above metal materials, there are rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials.


Yize mould provides all kinds of precision machinery parts processing: shaft parts, plate parts, thread parts, gear parts and other precision mould parts customized processing.

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