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How to choose core pins and sleeves materials?
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What kind of materials do core pins and sleeves manufacturers generally use? Generally, core pins and sleeves materials stamping dies are steel, cemented carbide, steel-bonded cemented carbide, zinc-based alloy, low melting point alloy, aluminum bronze, polymer materials and so on.


Then core pins and sleeves materials steel model commonly used by core pins and sleeves manufacturers, according to the material and thickness of the template of different core pins and sleeves, the material of the parts is also different, and the following aspects should be considered

1. Whether it can reach the hardness applicable to customers and core pins and sleeves work
2. Whether it can meet the customer's expectation of the cost of core pins and sleeves
3. Whether it can meet the requirements of core pins and sleeves for wear resistance and toughness
4. Is it possible to ensure that core pins and sleeves  is not deformed during work?


core pins and sleeves materials


According to the customer’s requirements and the engineers’ analysis of the core pins and sleeves materials , the most suitable material was finally selected for processing. Here I have to mention that a customer of our company who has placed orders with our company for a long time, there was a customer before Asked Yize Mould for help, hoping that we could help her choose the most suitable product. After in-depth consultation, it was found that Mr. Tan urgently wanted to change the supplier this time because the products of the previous long-term supplier were easy to move in the stamping motion. Cracks and wear occurred during the process. Even if the price is lower than the price of the core pins and sleeves manufacturer Yize, after long-term accounting, Mr. Tan's cost budget has increased instead of saving.


After the first cooperation, Mr. Tan has stronger confidence in our products. To this day, our company gradually replaced Mr. Tan’s previous suppliers.


Seeing this, do you have the urge to learn about Yize Mould? As long as you have needs, we are always there, and we are constantly committed to technological updates and breakthroughs to provide customers with satisfactory precision molds and parts.

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